To hot to do anything

April 2012 : Wow it is hot since the end of Songkran. Well I think that it is the way it should be. For me Songkran marks the beginning of the hot season while Loy Kratong marks the beginning of the cool season.

So yes it is hot ..... bloody hot!Today at lunchtime it was on streets of Khon Kaen 41degrees Celsius .... 41!!!! And in my office-room it is at the moment in the afternoon 36. Actually it never cools down under the 30 all 24hrs. Yesterday I made a short motorbike tour and started at about 5 in the morning when it was still cool. At around 7 it started to feel warm. At around 8 it started to feel hot and at about 8:30 it was bloody hot!

So live is now centered around air-condition! So for me it is now so hot that I do not much anymore and I am (again) start to have high admiration for all those people that have to work on the rice-fields or construction-sites. In this kind of temperatures it must be hell! So no much motorbike riding anymore. And after the hot season the raining season will begin which is also not a nice season for motorbike riding. Counting the days to the cool season!

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