My weirdest experience this weekend in Pattaya.

OK there are many weird things & people in Pattaya. You see things and think "Only in Pattaya". Like that barely dressed ladyboy on the motorbike. Or that older guy walking around with a small dog in a "dog bag". Of course moments where a camera was just not ready to shoot. But after living in & nearby Pattaya for about 8 years you get used to many things. But yet there are things that makes you think  .... "Has the Pattaya gold-rush gone through their brains?". OK I will explain.

I was walking on beach road and had a bit a hang-over from the night before so I wanted some paracetamol. Here also sold as Tylenol. So I step into a pharmacy on beach road where 2 friendly Thai ladies were working.

Me : "Mi Tylenol mai, khrap" (Do you have Tylenol?")
Sales lady gives me a strip of Tylenol "Nung roi bath" (100 thb).
As I think I did misunderstand her I ask "Alai, khrap" ("What?")
Sales lady again "Nung roi bath" (100 thb).
As I now think she is making a joke "Pud lan mai" (You are joking, right?")
Sales lady again "Mai chai, nung roi bath" ("No, 100 thb")

So in total disbelieve I leave the pharmacy and walk to the 50m away 7/11 where I did buy the same Tylenol for 15thb. Are they out of their bloody mind?

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