Not my bridge to cross

Traveling in North-East Thailand
And old bridge near Khon Kaen

Riding to Khon Kaen about 20 km before Khon Kaen you see on your left hand side a sign for "Chicago Island Resort" so I followed the sign and just when I wanted to give up after loosing track of signs in a village I was suddenly ridding in a area that once must have been a huge lake. Or at least an area that was destinated to become a lake. But the water has been gone for years or the water has never been there .... well "Chicago Island Resort" should have been an resort on an island in a huge lake (still on my map) but in reality it is in the middle of nowhere and nothing (about 15 km from the highway). Once they did even build some bridges .... but as you can see this one has not been in use since a long time. Even when walking I would think it is not safe.

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