Having lunch at Cafe & Restaurant Chef Boune in Savannakhet, Laos

Located opposite the old market, visited in July 2012 and serving Lao & French food. We had lunch here and it was good! Great atmosphere, friendly & professional staff and very good food! Must be said it is not cheap and for Lao standards even expensive, but you get very good value for your money. So of course the customers are the upper-class Lao, some Thai and weird people like my friends and me. I bet it serves the best steaks in town! See Cafe Chef Boune at WayMarking and Cafe Chef Boune at Picasa

Update March 2015 
In the past years I have been many times in Savanakhet and always had a breakfast, lunch or dinner here. I saw they even opened a second restaurant along route 9. I would remark a few things ... their hot chocolate is really not good and their spaghetti is not good and sincerely over-priced.

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