Dinner at The Globe Restaurant at Centare Hotel in Khon Kaen

Aug'2012 Last week we had dinner at the brand new restaurant "The Globe" at Centara Hotel in Khon Kaen city. The setting & decoration is beautiful and the staff is very attend and professional, although they are clearly still in the learning process of a new restaurant. Web-site : Centara Restaurants Khon Kaen

We had a mix of Thai food and western food and we did drink a bottle of wine from Chili. The food was good and my lamb-chops were very good! Price-wise I think having dinner here was not expensive. But .... there is a big but. First of all I think that choice of international food is a bit poor, especially for a restaurant in a hotel like Centara. Secondly I was a bit very disappointed that the only dessert that was served was fruit. Although there were all kind of desserts on the menu they were not served because "the restaurant is still new". I was a bit disappointed that the other restaurants and bars were not open yet. So at this moment I would not recommend people to stay at Centara Hotel Khon Kaen or to have dinner there. I would wait at least a few months and if going there I would check before if all is in working order.

Update at August 2013
Actually we did come back (even twice) and nothing has improved so it was really the last time to come here.

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