Along the mighty Mekhong river at Chiang Khan

A bit late sunrise about 5 km east of Chiang Khan at "Kaeng Kood Koo", where the mighty Mae Nam Khong (Mekong river) makes a sharp turn. And in the water are many big rock, that according to a local legend are put in the water by an angry giant. From here you can make small boat trips over the river. And of course there is a market, restaurants and even a nice looking resort "Chiang Khan Hill Resort". Traveling along the Mekong River in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia is like time-traveling. Nearby is also accommodation.

Zero KM to Kaeng Kood Koo

Only 55 km to Tha-Li the international border crossing-point to Laos and only 425 km to Luang Prabang (the old capital of Laos).

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