Visiting the Wat Phasorn Kaew in Khao Kho

Construction of the Wat Phasorn Kaew in Khao Kho, Thailand

Along route 12 between Lomsak and Khao Kho is a beautiful temple build in Gaudi style. It is a meditation center (thanks Kees) that was when I visited it the first time partly still under construction. The temple itself is beautiful decorated with colourful mosaic stones. And it is located on a magnificent location on a small mountain with in the background the huge mountain range Phu Hin Rong Khla. For more information see Wat Phasornkaew . Following is a serie of photos. See also Re-visiting Wat Phasorn Kaew.

Visiting the Wat Phasorn Kaew in Khao Kho

Visiting the Wat Phasorn Kaew in Khao Kho - Thailand

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