Visiting the San Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin

Entrance sign of San Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin, Thailand

This is one of the 2 floating markets just outside the city centre of Hua Hin. And conveniently they are located very near to each other. Be prepared .... it is an brand new tourist attraction full of Thai tourists from Bangkok (at least in the weekends). But is is still a very nice way of enjoying the Thai way of life. But from the ancient times and from now. Entrance is free. There are many small shops and at the centre is a kind of food-court where you can order food from 1 of the many small boats around the food-island.

As a word of caution I would like to mention and ask you something. As you will see at the entrance you can see there are at least 2 elephants used for show and entertainment. You can buy food for the elephants and probably go on the photo with the elephant. And maybe even walk around the parking lot on the back of the elephant. DO NOT DO THAT! Although I am not an elephant specialist, anyone with any common sense can see that this elephant is not happy and that they do not live in a way that elephants should live. So please do NOT support that. When I see those animals beings abused and being sad my heart cries. See San Phan Nam