What is happing with this travel-blog ..... Statistics 2012

In 2009 I started to share information about traveling in South East Asia, just for the sheer love of traveling. Well, and to inform my friends & family about my life in Thailand. This is what has become "Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi", a web-blog with still growing number of readers. For all other postings about statistics have a look HERE.

Postings as of 9 September 2012 there are
Restaurants Review : 55
Hotel Reviews         : 81
Total postings          : 419 (well actually at least 424 but some postings were lost in cyberspace)

The number of people reading this web-site is still growing with some days suddenly triple in numbers, which is a total mystery to me but not to search-robots.

Top Stories are ....
Still at number 1 : Eating-on-edge @ Hilton Hotel in Pattaya
Still at number 2 : Motorbike Shops in Bangkok
New at number 3 : Motorbike Shops in Pattaya

Top audience come from
Number 1 : Thailand
Number 2 : USA
Number 3 : Netherlands
Followed by Russia, UK, Germany, Australia, India, France and Malaysia.

The most readers still find this site via Google search (thanks Google team).

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