Vietnamese lunch .... Nem Nuong

How to make your own Nem Nuong as Vietnamese lunch or snack? You start with 1 hot sauce, 1 sweet sauce and crushed peanuts, you can mix them anyway you like. That means wife mixes the sweet & chilli sauce and adds some peanuts. I just skip the chilli sauce.

Then you take some chopped chillies (again I skip these), garlic, young banana, cucumber and something I did for get the name of.

And you take some pork ball skewers ... And some salad and herbs ....  Then you start with the salad, rice paper wrapper, garlic and banana.

And then you add some herbs and later the sauce (sorry too lazy for more photos) and you end up with and delicious fresh lunch snack. The good & easy thing we can buy them here in a all prepared box at Tesco/Lotus-Extra. A small box for 2 persons costs 170thb and a big box for 3 or 4 people costs 270thb. The only thing you have to do is build your own Nem Nuong. Following are the photos to explain every step.

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