I am not so fast ....

That is why after almost 12 years living in Thailand there are still some things I do not understand. And no I am not talking about the language, but about cultural things. Why do so many Thai put airco's at 15 degrees Celsius while outside it is 30? And why do so many Thai like to put fan's at super high speed?

So there is an simple but good Thai restaurant in Khon Kaen that has indoor seating with airco where it feels like your are sitting in a fridge. And mind you the staff is wearing jackets! Then outside they have seating also, but there they have ceiling fan's on full blast so the table-cotton is almost flying away. Actually when you pay and put the paper money on the table it flies away.
I am person sensitive to quick change of temperature and I hate a blast of (dirt) air in my face from an fan. So when going to an restaurant or bar I am always looking where the airco or fan is.

Why do so many Thai like to sleep in an bed that is hard like cement?
You could as well put an towel on the floor and sleep there, at least the floor is cool.
I have a shitty back and I can not sleep on an hard bed, so the first thing I check in an hotel is the bed. And then the airo .... most times straight on the bed.

Why do so many Thai do not ask why something is not possible?
With some asking, sometimes (actually many times) it seems that it is actually possible or that there is an solution for the problem.

The other way around, why do so many Thai say "No can not"?
While it actually could. Sometimes it is actually because they are too bloody lazy to use their brain to do something that is not 100% the way they always do.
Me : Can you make a table?
He ; Yes
Me : Can you make an table of 180 by 90?
He : No, I make table of 190 by 90.
Mind you I heard Thai people make the same complains.

And then another something that is still an miracle to me ...
To start with, it might be an asian thing or maybe even world-wide.
So you build a brand new hotel of 15-floors with a huge restaurant on the 16th floor. You make an stunning beautiful lobby. You have about 6 staff walking in your lobby.
But .... the entrance of your hotel is an old parking with old shops along it (but belongs to the hotel)
But .... when you walk in the lobby nobody takes the effort to ask if they can help you
But .... when you go to the restaurant there is no staff at the entrance
But .... when some staff finally shows up they almost walk away because they see an non-Thai
But .... when you order food (after confirming that they have it) then after 10min "Sorry not have"
But .... after saying "sorry not have" just standing there and not offering an menu for a new choice
Do I blame the staff? No, I blame the management and the owner for having such a shitty management.

But I see this kind of things many times. There has been made a huge investment and then it is left to lousy management and un-trained staff. What is wrong with management these days? I could give a long list of businesses  where I think the management should have a closer look what is really happening, but most times you do not see any management. Well they are probably too busy with being important.

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