Never buy your Apple product at iStudio Central Khon Kaen

OK here goes a very personal rant about the non-nonexistence of customer service from iStudio (by ComSeven).

In short story :
At least if you ever might need some service. Because both the staff and iStudio do not give a hoot about service for Apple customers. And actually not only iStudio does not give a hoot, also ComSeven does not care about service. It took the smart guys 11 days to send my Macbook Air to Bangkok. Then 2 weeks to repair it. And now 7 days to send it back. No feedback from anyone or an update in the Apple support system. I think they should lose their status as reseller. And I hope that all people who have problems with service from ComSeven or iStudio will complain at Apple. Just after 4 weeks I now have my Macbook Air back and it is repaired free of charge (tanks to Apple Asia Pacific).

The long story :
The build-in camera of my 13 months young MacBook Air stopped functioning after I did install the OS update "Mountain Lion". At first I did not think to much about because I thought I might have been doing something wrong with my settings. But later after some research I found out that my laptop did not have an build-in camera anymore. Well it had but it was not found by the OS. So no FaceTime, no Skype video. A bit poor performance for a 13months young laptop that was not cheap. I could not believe it would be an hardware problem and I still believe somewhere it had to do something with Mountain Lion. There were also some other problems like the automatic brightness from keyboard and display were not working anymore. And there fan's from the cooling were making a lot of noise.

So I started to search on internet and found that I am actually not the only one with the problem. And there were also some solutions. Like resetting the SMC and resetting PRAM. I did both but it did not really work. Well the noise of the cooling fan's was gone, but still the camera was never found by the OS. I did and hardware test but all was found to be OK. So I went to "iStudio Central Khon Kaen" in Central Plaza in Khon Kaen. They started my laptop with their own OS and the problem was still there. They down-graded the OS and the problem was still there. So their recommendation was that I would bring my laptop to Bangkok.

Hahahaha funny guys. They are an official Apple Reseller and they tell me that when an product from Apple stops functioning that I have to travel 500km to Bangkok to have it repaired. So I told them that was too far walking for me. Then they told me that it would take them between 2 and 3 weeks to send it to Bangkok, have it repaired and send it back to Khon Kaen again. What 3 weeks? Send it by EMS and it is in Bangkok within 24hrs. So I declined.

Then the next week I had to be in Bangkok anyway and I went to MCC at Siam Discovery what is an official Apple service centre. They did a hardware test and now was shown that the camera was not detected anymore. But as the warranty is only 1 year (shame on you Apple) I would have to pay the repair costs myself. I do not think that is right so the MCC did call Apple and I did talk with an Apple representative. She did take in my question and talked to the people of MCC. She then told me that she would call me back within 48hrs to tell me if Apple would give an "temporarily extended warranty" to repair the camera.

As I was only 1 day/night in Bangkok and did not hear anything yet from Apple I took my laptop with me again (stupid I should have left it at MCC). The people from MCC were very professional and told my I could bring in my laptop at any official Apple Reseller in the world. The next day when I was home in Khon Kaen again I was called by Apple that they would repair the camera free of charge (good service Apple)

So that same day I brought my laptop to "iStudio Central Khon Kaen". Of course there I was told the same "Go to Bangkok" and that it would take "Maximum 3 weeks to repair". Well I would be on tour for 1 week anyway so I said "Never mind". That is where the problems started.

After 5 days I called to the shop and I was told my laptop was in Bangkok. That was a lie because later I would find out it took them 11 days to get my laptop to iCare in Bangkok. I was never contacted by the shop, by ComSeven or iCare in Bangkok. It was always me who had to contact them. Then they had to check the problem, order parts and repair that laptop.

In the meanwhile there was no report of the repair of my laptop at the Apple Support System so who knows what they were doing? So about 6 days after it was finally at iCare I started to complain at ComSeven via Facebook and finally I got a reaction. Actually iCare has their own Support Information System where I could see that my laptop was being fixed. Officially my laptop was out from iCare again within 7 days, but in reality it was 10 days. And then it would be send again to Khon Kaen what would take again a full week (7 days) to transport it from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. Again ... EMS does that within 24hrs. I was a bit pissed .... Monday afternoon my laptop was fixed and then I could pick it up the next week at Tuesday? You are joking, right? At that moment I was already waiting 4 weeks!

Well someone must have been listing at ComSeven (I think) because after 4 days I was called in the morning that I could pickup my laptop in the afternoon. So it took them all together about 32 days to repair my MacBook Air. And until now everything is working like it should be. But I will not buy anything anymore from "iStudio Central Khon Kaen".

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