Happy New Year 2013 or 2556

It is that time of the year again .... last time about 365days ago. In Thai "Sawadee PiMai" ....

Although the Thai actually follow an moon calendar system with new year in mid April any reason for an good party is welcome so New Year is also celebrated on 31 December / 1 January. So be aware while on the roads during Thailand's most deadly week of road-accidents. Of course in Thailand we are still 543 years ahead and in less as 2 days it will be 2556.

The celebrations of Christmas and New Year are a bit different as in my home country in Europe. Although I am not religious we always celebrated Christmas with an tree with lights in the living-room and presents under the tree. And of course a Christmas dinner. And New Year with the all family, champagne and fire-works. And that all in a time of the year that it would be outside cold and many times even white with a beautiful pack of snow.

So not here in Thailand .... I remember my first upcountry New Year about 20years ago in Khorat. My wife and I had the weird idea of celebrating it there as we were on tour in the Isaan. Nothing .... nothing .... and I mean NOTHING! So we celebrated New Year in our hotel-room.

But the nice thing is that asian people like lights, colourful lights. So at least the christmas lights are everywhere and everywhere! I really like that. And with Christmas becoming more popular the sales people in shops started to be dressed like Santa Clause. And a cute asian girl in an Santa Claus dress looks soooooo cute! And sometime ridiculous funny.

After more as 10 years living here the way of celebrating Christmas and New Year becomes normal. So our Christmas dinner was a great BBQ with friend in Udon Thani and with New Year we will be of to the village of my wife to have an new-years party at the house of her parents.

For me new-year is a time of self-refecting the past and thinking about the future. Did I do something to make the life of someone else just a little but better or happier? I hope so. Just imagine ....

So all friends, non-friends, readers of this silly blog may you all be blessed with an fantastic & healthy 2013 (or whatever) and that you all will be happy (as happy people do not go to war and kill each other)

So see you all next year, in Walking at the Footsteps of The Little Elephant

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