Travel Tips : Maps of South East Asia

Personally I do not use any paper maps for Thailand anymore, but for Laos I use the "Laos GTR map" (5th edition) and for Cambodia I use "Globetrotter Travel Map" (1st edition). Both maps are of course actually to small to give good detailed information and with such a fast growing road-net both maps are also always out-dated. As of digital maps on my Garmin GPS I use for Thailand the standard Garmin map and that is good and detailed (a lot of POI's). For Laos I use the "Laos by Driven by Adventure" and that is also good and detailed (also a lot of POI's), although I do not like the way of loosing overview when zooming-out. A problem that actually also the standard Thailand map has. There are of course a lot of more maps for sale (both printed and digital) so I will try to make an overview of what I know that is for sale or to be downloaded for free.

So lets start with the printed (paper) maps
  • “Laos Road Map” (250 thb) for sale at Riders Corner and  Gecko Maps
  • “Cambodia Road Map” (250 thb) for sale at Riders Corner and Gecko Maps
  • “North Thailand (Off)Road” (180 thb) for sale at Riders Corner
  • “Nan (Off)Road” (150 thb) for sale at Riders Corner
  • “Mae Hong Son loop” for sale at GT Rider
  • “Golden Triangle” for sale at GT Rider
  • “Laos by GTR” for sale at GT Rider
  • “Mae Sa Valley & Samoeng loop” for sale at GT Rider
Then followed by the digital maps for GPS use
  • “North Thailand (Off)Road Map” (900 thb) for sale at Riders Corner and Eagle GPS
  • “Laos by Green Triangle Mapping” (1000 thb) for sale at Riders Corner and Eagle GPS
  • “Laos by Driven by Adventure” (1500 thb) for sale at Laos GPS Map and Riders Corner
  • “Cambodia by Aruna” (50 us$) See Aruna Technology (thanks Paul for the update)
  • “Cambodia by Rottweiler” (29 us$) See Rotweiler Maps
  • “Vietnam” (90 us$) See GPS Vietnam
  • “Malaysia or Singapore” (free) See Malsing Maps  or Mal Free Maps
  • “Philippines” (free) See Road Guide  
  • “Indonesia” (free) See Navigation Asia
For Riders Corner (Chiang Mai) see Riders Corner
For Eagle GPS (Chiang Mai) see Eagle GPS
For Gecko Maps see Gecko Maps
For Laos GPS Maps (Vientiane) see Laos GPS MAP
For Golden Triangle Rider (Chiang Mai) see GT Rider

Of course some maps are also sold at other places but that would be too much work to give you here an update of that information and it is also available via their representative web-sites.

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