Dinner at The Horizon Restaurant @The Hilton Pattaya

Dec'2012 At the Hilton Pattaya we had dinner at the rooftop restaurant "Horizon" at the 34th floor and overlooking all Pattaya and the bay of Pattaya. And I must say the view is really great. But is all a bit weird to get there. First of all you walk into the bit small entrance of the Hilton Hotel Pattaya, where you have to take a lift to the 16th floor where actually the lobby is. There you have to take another lift to the 34th floor where the restaurant is. No signs to be seen here, so we asked people at the entrance and lobby. At the lobby we were asked "Did you make reservation?" .... hahaha good joke as we were almost the only people eating at the restaurant!

Then at the 34th floor you exit the lift and walk into a modern dark hallway with only a little bit light. Just coming from a bright lighted lift we did not see anything. We did hear someone saying "Good evening, welcome" but due to the load music we could not hear where the voice was coming from. And due to the darkness we could not see anyone. Well, we just continued and we were guided to the open-air bar area of the restaurant from where you have indeed a magnificent view over Pattaya and you can watch a movie on a huge cinema-size screen. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Also here  was still loud music, although here outside it did not bother us much. But still a bit weird the loud disco music.

So while enjoying our drinks we did order our overpriced food and had dinner in the restaurant. By this time our eyes were used to the darkness but still it would have been nice to have a bit more light to be able to see what you are eating. And the disco music was still on full blast, so I asked if it could be turned it down a bit. Besides the overpriced tag of 950 thb for a Salmon dish that was a bit dry and tasteless. And 200 thb for a side-dish of gratin potatoes seems a bit too much over the top. Seeing the (low) number of people eating here, I think there are more people thinking like I do.