Missing Dutch food, missing marsepein

Once & while I am missing Dutch food, especially if they are connected to special days of the year. Like "oliebollen" or "Marsepein". The oliebollen were a bit of work to make and I thought that marsepein was also not so easy to make. Although must be said I actually had no clue how to make it. But when I was on a Skype-call with me sister she told me it is actually very easy to make. And indeed she is right (for the first time of course). I did an little Google search and it is easy as it can be. There are only 2 main ingredients and 1 of it is sugar but the other is grounded almonds (not baked or roasted).

As I was in Pattaya last week I went to Tops under Central Festival and I found that there is actually an all range of different kind of almonds for baking (look in the baking section). So I bought 2 bags of each 100g grounded almonds.

My recipe is simple
*100gr of grounded almonds
*100gr of grounded sugar
*White of 1 egg
*A few drops of lemon
*A few drops of strawberry flavor

Mix the egg-white, lemon and flavor together
Mix the grounded almonds and grounded sugar together
Mix the egg-white to it and mix it all very well

Then put in an small plastic bag and put it in the fridge for at least 24hr. End result not bad, maybe the strawberry flavor was a bit a mistake. Next time vanilla and less sugar. Actually next time I will try another variant of making marsepein (cooking).

Home made marsepein in Thailand

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