Dinner at Rasputin Restaurant in Pattaya

March'2013 Sorry again no photos. Together with some friends we wanted to eat Russian food in Pattaya and we found "Rasputin" at almost the end of Walkingstreet. It is an bit old fashioned looking restaurant but that fits with the idea I have of Russian restaurants. The staff, half Russian and half Thai, was friendly and professional and did give you the feeling that you are an welcome guest. I did eat "Russian dumplings with meat topped with a cream sauce" and it was delicious! Although it did look like an small portion I could not eat more. So yes it was an good try-out of Russian food. Although I must say that the brown bread that was served was a bit old & dry.

Someone else did eat "German sausages with sauerkraut" and the sausages were very good but the sauerkraut had not much in common with what I know as sauerkraut. Not in representation and not in taste. With simple drinks we did pay about 400 thb per person. Here an link to information about the restaurant, but I think it is an old link as I think the menu has been updates, both in items as in price. See Pattayacity Rasputin

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