Sunset dinner at the mountains of Khao Kho

Sunset at the mountains of Khao Kho - Thailand

We made a trip to Dan Sai & Khao Khao and although it was weekend all hotels & restaurants seem to be in low-season hibernate mode. Our designated resort had even closed their restaurant (but of course still charge full normal price)! So we made an beautiful afternoon tour along the mountains & valley of Khao Kho. And we found Khao Kho Tala Mok Resort & Restaurant with a magnificent view of the valley of Khao Kho .... and they had not closed their restaurant. So it was beer-time (unfortunately not wine) and some Thai snacks to be followed by a great dinner to watch the sunset. A great place to come back.

Restaurant of Khao Kho Tala Mok Resort in Khao Kho, Thailand

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