13 years living in Thailand

I just realised that next month I will be living in Thailand for 13 years. Yes, 13 years! I never really planned it but it just happened. I lived in Bangkok for a few years, moved to Pattaya for too many years and I am now living in Khon Kaen. I arrived here with 1 suite-case of cloths and now I have a "family" (wife & cat), a house full of furniture & memories from my old life,  One thing stayed the same since the first time I came to Thailand in 1985 ... I still love traveling in Thailand and all South East Asia.

But there is also something else I realise .... even after 13 years living here and being married since 6 years I still live here as a guest. And every year I have to extend my permit to stay here as guest. Even after 13 years living here I can not own land, can not be fully owner of an company, officially have to pay 5 times the price to enter an National Park or temple, I can not take a full loan like Thai people can and whenever buying something many Thai still try to give me a special (higher) price. But nobody forces me to stay here, I am not on the run for an oppressive government and I can go whenever I please. Despite the short-comings once & while I still love to live here. I know friends that could not and checked-out and left.

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