Pizza at Mickey's Pizza in Khon Kaen

April 2013 A brand new "restaurant" in Khon Kaen city, managed by a young couple. They serve of course Italian food (pizza & spaghetti) but also snacks. And they have a good beer collection. Prices are not expensive.

We had an "big set" that includes a big pizza of your choice and 6 mini chicken-drums,  6 chicken nuggets and 3 soft-drinks. Our choice of pizza was Pepperoni and it all did cost 289thb. The staff is friendly and speaks English. There is indoor- and outdoor seating. It is located along Thanon Klang Muang, not far from Bung Nong Khot. Food-wise I must say it is not my kind of pizza, to much oil and much too thin. But the place is an good hang-out for locals in Khon Kaen, both for Thai and for non-Thai. See Mickeys Pizza KhonKaen

Update 20 Dec 2014
I heard it has been sold and that the new owner will re-open again end of Dec'2014 with the same menu. And as of March 2015 I see updates on their facebook page so I assume they are open.

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