Staying at Tree Top Lodge in Ban Lung, Cambodia

Accommodation in Ban Lung, Cambodia
Restaurant at Tree Top Lodge in Ban Lung, Cambodia

May'2013 My room was 15us$, the better new bungalow with private veranda. They are fan only (no airo) and have warm water shower. The water is cold as the mornings are also so you will need an warm-water shower, well at least I needed it. But they have cheaper rooms also in the main-building at 7us$ and the older bungalows for 12 us$ (no warm water). Well this kind of resorts (or guesthouse?) it is not my cup of tea but I can imagine other people will like it very much. I did not like the fact that I had an gecko living in my bathroom. And the ceiling fan did make a lot of noise and sleeping without fan was a bit hot. Service from staff was very mixed ... some staff are really taking care their guests but some other people hanging around could really not be bothered to wake-up and help their guests. It is said that the place is located a bit out of the city but actually all hotels are like that because there is no real centre of town. And the location is really beautiful and just 5 min walking to the main street. See Tree Top Lodge

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