Travel Tips : Booking online with Air Asia Thailand

Booking with Air AsiaI wanted to know how much it would costs to fly with Air Asia from Udon Thani to Bangkok. And I must say it was much cheaper as the only airline serving Khon Kaen to Bangkok. So much cheaper it would even be an option to take an mini-van from Khon Kaen to Udon Thani and then fly to Bangkok. Still saves a lot of time in compare to taking the bus to Bangkok and still is much cheaper as Thai Airways from Khon Kaen to Bangkok. But be aware when booking with Air Asia, they are a bunch of little thieves if you are not careful.

So you choose your flight and are quoted a price of lets say 2.000 Thai baht. Then you choose to pay that and then suddenly you are quoted a price of 2.600 Thai baht. That is 300 Thai baht per leg for your 20 kg check-in luggage. Goes automatically, if you do not want it you have to first see it and then un-select the option.
  • So you continue your booking ... and then again the price is suddenly more as you are automatically taking insurance. So again you have to see it and un-select this option.
  • So you continue your booking and get to seat selection and that costs 60 Thai baht per seat. Again automatically, so you have to see it and un-select this option.
  • Then they offer you one or two more options, but these are not (yet?) automatically selected for you.
  • O and nowadays they also charge you for using your credit-card ... but you only see that at the end.
Just as warning when you are booking with Air Asia online : Read very careful what you are booking and check very careful the price you are finally paying. And of course you can expect them to check overweight hand-luggage at check-in at the airport.

Note : This was written & tested in June 2013. The booking process of course changes once & while, so no guarantee that this process of booking is still used. But the advice still stands! For more reviews about online booking of airline tickets have a look HERE

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