Mural paintings at Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng in Na Haeo

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Mural paintings at Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng

Reposting from 2015. I love riding upcountry, the roads less travelled. You "find" the real Thailand, like the Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng in the district Na Haeo, about 20 km north of Dan Sai. This temple is believed to be from the 17th - 18th century A.D. I think that was before the village of Na Phueng was ever build. There is an old Wihan with both inside and outside beautiful mural paintings of the Lord Buddha and Vessantara Jataka. Currently the roof is under renovation, and it looks like it will be done the proper original way with wooden parts. It was a magical experience to visit this temple at 6:30 in the morning while clouds and fog were filling the valley. A monk walked me to the Wihan and unlocked & opened the door for me and I stepped into a dark dusty mysterious room full with Buddha images. It took a while before the monk with my help did find the light-switch .... unfortunately for beautiful photos the room was now lighted in TL-light.  But shown now all around me were beautiful, still half intact mural paintings. According to the monk 400 - 500 years old. 

Mural paintings at Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng

Mural paintings at Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng

Wat Pho Chai Na Phueng

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