Tony's Place Restaurant in Nan town (closed)

June 2013 Again sorry no photos ..... but while in Nan last week I did meet an friend who just moved to Nan for work. And he did invite me to this place "Tony's". And I must say first I thought "O just another falang restaurant". This kind of places is not really my cup-of-tea and most times I consider the food not really good. But I was wrong ..... I had an "Breakfast-roll" that comes with bacon, sausage, tomato, union and egg ... and of course an really good baguette. I liked it so much I did eat it again the next day. And in the evening I had an Indian curry with home-made home-made pita-bread. Again .... I loved it! Not too spicy and very fresh.

So if you are looking for western food go to Tony's Place! Well actually not only western food, but also Thai food or an drink. Or just for any information about Nan. They have a huge wall-sized map from the area of Nan and Tony knows everything about Nan. It is also a kind of meetings place for motorbike people riding in the area. Web-site : Tony's Place in Nan

In memorandum of Tony who died in October 2014 his wife & friends will continue to operate the restaurant like it has always been. His wife is just as good cook as Tony was and food-wise nothing has changed ... but Tony will be missed for his friendly smile & words and hospitality.

For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

Update 2017 : Tony's Place is closed forever.

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