Staying at the Sangthong Resort in Chiang Klang

Sangthong Resort in Chiang Klang
Sep'2013 A beautiful brand new resort in the middle of nowhere about 80 km north of Nan (northern Thailand). A bit difficult to find as there are not much signs to it and they are all in Thai. The hotel has a nice swimming pool, restaurant, private parking and some of the rooms are small bungalows in the tropical garden. But .... I did not stay here as I did find the service of the staff a bit unfriendly and the price strongly overpriced. So now they had an empty room of what I am sure they will not sell that day. But it seems that some hoteliers rather have an empty room as money in their pocket.

Update 2017 : The hotel has been totally renovated & expanded with a very good restaurant and comfortable rooms. We did stay here a few times in 2016 & 2017.

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