Reviews : Not riding anymore my Honda CB500F

Broken Honda CB500F
Broken Honda CB500F

To make a very long and unpleasant story short : For me it WAS a great bike for riding (low seat height, not too heavy, low gravity center) but in 2013 Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd seems not ready to produce this new designed engine (used on the CB500F, CB500X and CBR500R) without that the engine is consuming oil. I mean consuming oil, not leaking. According to A.P. Honda Co. Ltd. (Thailand) this is normal but I consider consuming 400 to 500 cc oil in about 700 km not normal. So after a lot of problems, testing and a repair I was sick of it and sold my motorbike back to Honda Big Wing Udon Thani (Thailand) and lost a considerable amount on money on this.

About a year later I heard that this problem was probably due to a production error in some motorbikes made in 2013. So I was just lucky, both with the production of A.P. Honda Thailand as with the service of Honda Big Wing Udon Thani. For that reason I will NEVER buy a Honda big bike again!

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