The summit of Phu Tok at Chiang Khan

Phu Tok at Chiang Khan, Thailand
Sunrise at 6 in the morning
OK everybody seems to call this mountain "Phu Tok" (in English) but hearing Thai saying the name I think you should not write it this way (and there is actually at least one other Phu Tok in the North-East of Thailand). But never mind. It is located about 3 km South-East of Chiang Khan. Following route 211 in direction of Nong Khai you will see signs. The mountain is about 470 meters above sea-level, that means about 250 meters high from the foot of the mountain. You can drive yourself (or take a song-theauw) to the foot of the mountain. But from there you have to take a special song-theauw (pickup truck) to the top. Access to the top opens at 5 am in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Costs for transport to the top is 25 Thai baht per person. It is a small (but good) steep road and takes about less as 10 minutes. Parking fee is 10 Thai baht.

For sunrise we had to be there at 5:45 and at 6 we were on top. Of course we were not alone, although we were the only non-Thai people. On the top is a small walking path around the TOT communication complex, and of course a few view-points. About 1 hours later coming down it was time for early breakfast. There are of course a few street-stalls selling Thai food, but there is also a nice open-air restaurant selling simple western or Thai breakfast. And coffee, tea or choc-co. All together a nice start of the day during our trip in off the beaten track in Loei. Another nice place to visit nearby is "Keang khu kud", rapids in the Mekong River. There a few restaurants and a little market selling the famous local dried, sweet coconut.

First sunlight tipping over the mountains

Keang Khu Kud seen from Phu Tok
Chiang Khan seen from Phu Tok

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