Travel warning update : Protest in Bangkok

As of 28 November 2013.

You might have been reading about the protest at the moment going on in Bangkok. They started at 1 location and with a modest number of people. But the numbers increased and the locations start spreading to more places in Bangkok. Even nationwide there are gatherings in some places, like in my home-town Khon Kaen. But the latter are small and non-disturbing protest or just meetings of a group of people. There is actually a lot of support for the protests from the growing middle-class of Thailand.

So what is happening? It is one group of the political arena that is fighting the current administration. And the supporters of the current administration are setting up contra-demonstration. And with the memories of the terrible events of 2010 when at least 91 people died (read killed/murdered/executed in cold blood) many people are afraid that the current events will spring out of control again.

The facts are that at the moment it is not violence and at the moment it is only at a few places in Bangkok. Fact is that the current administration seems to be in control of the police and army. And it  seems that the current administration is not making the same mistakes as the administration did in 2010. Luckily most people see the dangers of the current situation and are ready to calm down.

So should you travel to Thailand or even Bangkok? Yes.

In most parts of Thailand and even in most parts of Bangkok you will not notice anything of the protests. But things can change so read the news and inform at your own embassy. Do not travel to area's that are known to be protests sites.

Transport from/to the airport of Bangkok might take a little bit longer, so be prepared for that.

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