Travelling along the Mekong River in Loei province

View over the Mekong River in Thailand

Reposting from 2017. After visiting Phu Phrabat Historical Park we did travel along the Mekong River to Chiang Khan. We did follow the Mekong river along the mountains and there are many stunning views, small villages, temples and waterfalls. What a stunning landscapes! It is that time of the year that the rice is ready to be harvested and it looks beautiful in the afternoon sunlight. And end November the shadows are so beautiful long. We did stay overnight in Chiang Khan in one of the many hotels along the riverside. Although Chiang Khan is overrun by Thai tourism, it is still a relax and nice place with family style shops, restaurants and small hotels. But I would not recommend to go in the weekend or public holidays. The next day we traveled along the the Thai-Lao border to the international border crossing at Thali. While on the way you will pass the place where the Mekong River becomes again (for the second time) a border between Thailand and Laos.

Golden rice fields

Sunset in Chiang Khan

The mighty Mekong River enters Thailand for the second time