Cold cold and cold ...

Since about a few weeks it was already cool in Thailand and all South East Asia, but since about 10 days it did became really "cold". Yes, you think I am joking, right? No, of course there is no snow in Thailand. Although in the north of Vietnam (where a bit of kind of snow is normal) is now so much snow you can go skiing. Here in Thailand the temperatures in the early morning can reach about 1℃. That is bloody cold for a country with where it normally never becomes colder as 10℃. Some say at the highest mountain (Doi Internon near Chiang Mai) there is even frost.

So in about 20 provinces in the north of Thailand is a "cold" emergency, where the government is supplying blankets for people. Normally while travelling in Thailand you will see people sitting in the shadow near their house, now they have taken a chair and sit somewhere in the sun.

And high mountains like Doi Internon and Phu Hin Rong Khla are super tourist attractions with hundreds (or thousands) of Thai tourist coming to experience the cold. It is a funny thing to see all the Thai people dressed up for winter-sport. Of course for the not so rich Thai people it is a bit of a problem because they simply do not have warm cloths or good blankets.

Hahaha even me (coming from Western-Europe)! After 13 years living here I am used to the warm climate and I think it is bloody cold in the morning (at the moment 13℃) and I am wearing as extra socks and a sweater-shirt.

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