Eco-tourisme at Baan Red Brick in Phrae

Baan Red Brick in Phrae, North Thailand
Baan Red Brick in Phrae, North Thailand

Baan "Red Brick" (derived from the first V.O.C. settlement in Thailand) is a small traditional Thai wooden house upcountry 60 km north of Phrae. Created by a Thai-Dutch family to experience the local way of living in the beautiful natural environment of Northern Phrae. It is very small of set-up, like a home stay with only a few rooms in the house where also the family is living. It is not a guesthouse, hotel or resort and can only be visited by appointment. Life goes slow here, like in upcountry Thailand. The owners have chosen not to be connected to the nearby electric system, but to generate their own electricity and in the near future also solar energy. And not to buy food in the supermarket but grow it themselves or buy it from local farmers that grow organic food. To support the local community.

The area of Phrae is really beautiful and worth to stay a few days, with of course the historic small city of Phrae but also "Mae Yom National Park", "Hua Dong Market" (for hand made wooden & rattan products), waterfalls, local markets, temples and decensts of hill-tribe people. And the location is a good point on the way to Chiang Rai.

Besides the main house with 3 rooms there is plenty of space for camping in the 1.6 sq. km natrual garden of Baan "Red Brick". And the lady of the house runs a small restaurant for breakfast (with home made bread), luch and dinner. You can even learn to make your own Thai dinner, from the start at the local market to the cooking in the kitchen. So if you are into seeing Thailand in another way, a slow way, and connect to the real Thailand please feel free to contact Baan "Red Brick" at Red Brick

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