Travel warning : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It is like a "Asian Spring" is in the air with ongoing protest in Bangkok and Phnom Penh. At the latter are protest going on against the latest elections that have been won by the current already 28 years ruling Hua Sen. But there are also protest going on as working-strike against the garment industry in Cambodian that is paying so low salary that even in Cambodia people can not live from it. These protest are already going on a few months but since 2 weeks they become more intense and more violence. See for information Phnom Penh Post and TopIX or Aljazeera News

Warning : This is my personal view at of 5 January 2014

Until now the government of Cambodia has taken the protest & striking with smile, but that attitude seems to have changed in the past days. And huge amount of army & police are involved of breaking the protest & striking. Travelling to & staying in Cambodia seems still safe (as it ever was) and even travelling to & staying in Phnom Penh seems safe as long as you do not stay in the protest zones. But the current situation can change over days or even hours, so get yourself informed before travelling (contact your embassy or local travel agent).

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