Traveling in the remote mountains of Loei

Traveling in the remote mountains of Loei - Thailand
Reposting an a 2014 trip to Loei province in North-East Thailand. While traveling in the remote province of Loei we had a very relaxed lunch on one of the bamboo rafts in a lake between the mountains. We enjoyed it so much that we forgot we still had to go to Dan Sai. This lake has become one of my favourite places to have lunch in Loei. And I love staying overnight in Dan Sai. Following are some photos I took in the area of Loei province.

9 headed Naga at "Wat Neramit Wipattasana" in Dan Sai
A Buddha image for every day of the month

Mural on the walls

Paying respect to a monk long gone

Sunset from our resort in Dan Sai

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