Using my Garmin Zumo 340LM

Garmin Zumo 340 navigation device for motorbikes
The Garmin Zumo 340LM is a navigation device especially suited for using on a motorbike, although you could use it in a car also (if you have the car-mount). The Zumo 340 is technically the same as the Zumo 350, only the 350 has a bigger map of Europe. Basically the Zumo 340 & 350 are the same as the Zumo 390, only the 390 has a MP3 player and some other extra options. LM indicates that the device is sold with "Lifetime Map update" ... lifetime is of course not your life but that what Garmin thinks is the life of your GPS device.

The Zumo 340LM set came with
  • Cradle for the device
  • Charging cable for the motorbike with a waterproof cap to secure the charging-contacts
  • RAM-mount to install the cradle on your motorbike
  • USB cable to connect your device to your computer
The device has Bluetooth to connect to a Bluetooth head-set or other Zumo devices. On the back the device there are 2 "golden" contacts for charging in the cradle. There also is a audio-jack for a head-set, opening for SD-mini-card and there is a USB connection (for charging at home).

A few point to notion
  • I am missing a opening on the device to connect a carry-on-cord. If the cradle would snap on your motorbike, the device is gone in 1 second.  
  • The cradle cannot be locked, so to prevent theft you will have to ALWAYS remove the device when leaving your motorbike unattended. The device can be removed in 1 second. A bit too easy! Although I just see that there actually is a Garmin-lock for sale that can be added to the cradle to lock the cradle.
  • Be aware of the fact that the charging cable is more or less hard-wired to the cradle (after installation) so when the charging cable is also hard-wired to your motorbike you cannot remove the cradle from your motorbike anymore. Of course you could cut the cable and put a connector in it.
  • The rubbers that close-off the audio-jack and memory-card-slot do not close-off fully for 100%. With my device especially the rubber for the audio-jack will have opportunities for dust & water to come in. So I will put some tape over the rubbers.
  • Although sold as IPX7 water-resistant I am wondering how water-resistant the speaker on the back is, as there are openings for the sound. I may decide to put some tape over it also.
I did not use it on my motorbike yet but for me the biggest plus of the Zumo 340 are
  • No USB connection needed when charging on the motorbike
  • Easy to remove the device from the motorbike (maybe a bit too easy)
  • IPX7 Water-resistant (not waterproof!)
  • Made for dedicated use on motorbikes (should be more shock resistant as the Nuvi series)
  • SD-card slot so you can add your own Open Source Maps
Verdict until now : Very good device, although the software could be a bit more user friendly
But after using the device I will update this post.

Update 2014 : OK I did use it in the car for a trip in the city.
  • I like the trip-log of where I have been with sections
  • The voice is really terrible (I tried 3 different voices). The sound is good, but the voice is not.
  • Routing at the map in Thailand is a bit weird. But that has nothing to do with the hardware or the software but with the map-data. 
  • I love the "make detour" option
  • Scrolling / zooming the map around has some hic-up's .... must be a software design error.
Update 2014 : I really love the battery life!
Update 2015 : I modified the charging cable with a connector so I can take of the all cradle from the motorbike when I am not using it at all. (I only use it on long trips). I think this should be standard.
Update 2020 : In the past few years I did actually never used it anymore. 

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