For sale Kawasaki Z250 (not for sale anymore)

My Kawasaki Z250

I bought my Kawasaki Z250 (250cc) in February 2014 at the Kawasaki dealer in Khon Kaen. The Z250 is light & low. And although I have been enjoying riding this nimble easy bike I have always been missing the power of a big bike. So it is time to sale my Z250. ** I am the first and only owner of this motorbike and the green book is in my name. The motorbike is registered in Khon Kaen but transfer can be done anywhere in Thailand. Test rides are only allowed AFTER paying the full selling price. The motorbike is now in Nan province but can be send / delivered anywhere in Thailand AFTER paying the full selling price + transport costs. 

Bought at      : 28 February 2014
Registered at : 18 March 2014
KM               :
Asking price : 93.000 Thai baht **

** = I decided not to sale my motorbike anymore. 

The motorbike had recently installed new chain (EK) and new sprockets front + rear (RK). Last year rear brake disc & pads have been replaced. Maintenance has been done at the Kawasaki dealer in Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai. The tyres are stock and are at 70% I would say. There are no noticeable damages to the motorbike, besides some small scratches on the tank. It is a bit of a special edition as the motorbike was originally black but as I actually wanted the orange one (what was not for sale yet) I changed the colour when the parts became available. The colour of the motorbike has been changed in the green book. Then with my short arms I wanted a bit higher handle-bar so I installed a handle-bar of a Kawasaki ER6N. And put on longer brake-line for the front brake and longer clutch cable and longer throttle cables. And I did cut out the seat a little bit, so my short legs can touch the road a bit better.

Extras :
  1. Compulsory insurance + Tax
  2. Reflecting rim tape
  3. Leo Vince muffler with baffle (made in Malaysia). Original muffler included.
  4. Tank pad sticker
  5. Foot-pegs with rubber from Kawasaki ER6N
  6. Handle-bar from Kawasaki ER6N (+ longer brake lines) for more straight up position
  7. 12v plug on handle-bar
  8. LED Spot-lights with switch on handle-bar
  9. Mirror extensions
  10. Bigger wind-screen
  11. Adjustable levers
  12. Flat-foot
  13. Radiator protection screen
  14. Tax holder 
  15. License plate holder
  16. Emergency signal-switch (for some reason they not install that on smaller bikes anymore).

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