Protecting my head with a Shark SpeedR helmet

Shark SpeedR helmet
I was in need of a new helmet and living in Thailand the choice is a bit limited. And overpriced helmets brands makes the choice even a bit more limited.

I wanted a full-face helmet, without a flip-up. And I wanted a internal sun-visor. Also I would prefer a helmet that is not too heavy.  And that all within a price range of 8.000 - 14.000 Thai baht. So I did some research and found two brand names sold in Thailand .... AGV and Shark.

AGV is an originally Italian brand name, but some helmets of AGV are made in China. Asian specification they call that. They are still good helmets, approved in Europe. But not approved in Thailand so there are limited points of sale for it. Shark is an originally France brand name, but some models are made in Thailand (like the Speed-R). Again also good helmets and approved in Europe and even approved in Thailand.

Unfortunately these helmets are not for sale in the place where I live, so I did find 3 shops selling them in Bangkok (BKKspeed, 320sp and Kamix). I bought my helmet at BKKspeed, the first shop where I went. See Shark Speed-R Carbon

I did choose the Shark Speed-R with Carbon outer shell for few main reasons :
  1. Weight as Shark seems lighter as other helmets and the Carbon version is again 100gr lighter
  2. Shark Speed-R helmets have a feature that makes it easy for people wearing glasses
  3. Shark helmets look a bit better quality as other helmets (Asian specification).
The verdict (Oct'2014 after only 1 short ride)
  1. Feels good, but a bit tight (that is better now after a few months)
  2. Putting on my glasses is indeed easy (the best helmet for people using glasses!)
  3. Sun-visor could be more dark
  4. Comfortable in my neck
  5. With open visor the helmet makes a irritating noise (above 30 km/h)
  6. Up-to about 120km/h no bouncing of the helmet
  7. But a bit zooming noise
  8. No incoming wind (I ride a naked bike)
And after a 2 days ride I still feel the same ... good helmet!
And especially the feature for making it comfortable for people wearing glasses!
Air circulation could be a bit better.
And I found out that the noise when riding with open visor can be reduced a bit (starts now at 50 km/h) by tightening the visor a bit more.

Bought in October 2014 and now March 2018 and I am still using the helmet!

Update in 2017 : The inner-linning is a bit falling apart.

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