Dinner at Lemongrass Restaurant @ Nan Seasons Boutique Resort in Nan

OK it is not my photo but some of the dishes I did indeed eat at the restaurant of Nan Seasons Resort in Nan. The kitchen is managed by Kas & Suwannarat .... who is actually "The Chef"? It does not matter because the all team of the kitchen creates together a wonderful menu of local & Northern & Southern Thai food combined with International dishes to create delicious fusion food.

Even when you are not staying in the lovely resort, the restaurant is a great place for lunch or dinner (for couples or very small groups). The service & hospitality of Kas & Rogier and the all staff is fantastic and makes you feel coming to a place where people know your name. And good food of course goes with good drinks ... so there is a nice wine collection for affordable prices. I had a few times dinner here and I liked it very much. And price-wise very good value for money!

The restaurant is at the romantic open-air sala of the resort located in a teak plantation about 2 km from Nan city center.  So when you are in Nan ... ..try it out and have lunch of dinner at Lemongrass Restaurant of Nan Seasons Boutique Resort. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Traveling 2 Nan - Thailand.

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