Dinner at Ticino Restaurant & Vespa bar in Pattaya

Dec'2014 Sorry again no photos made ... but do not worry just have a look at their web-site. It really looks like that in reality. A great restaurant serving Italian & Swiss food in a very nice setting of a tropical garden. The staff is friendly and sincerely looks after their customers. The food was delicious and again worse they have very nice desserts. Yes, I am a dessert lover!  I loved it and would come back here again.

One thing tough .... it is located a bit in the middle of nowhere. Well as long as you are not living there in the area. It is located is what used to be the "Dark side" of Pattaya ... the other side of Sukhumvit. Where after sunset it would be totally dark because there was nobody living. Well that is not the case anymore. But still not really a walk-in location. A bit a pity because I think the service & food is of very high standard. Highly recommended! Web-site : Ticino Restaurant Pattaya

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