Staying at Ingtara Hotel in Khon Kaen

Dec'2014 an brand new modern hotel located at the south side of Bung Kaen Nakhorn in Khon Kaen city. Today I did visit the hotel while it is in a soft-opening month. Rooms are modern and comfortable but not spacious. There are a few different room sizes and most rooms have a bit small bathroom (shower only). But on their web-site I see rooms with nice big bathrooms. The hotel does not have a swimming pool but has private parking and they serve a Thai style breakfast.

Currently prices are reasonable starting at 650 Thai baht to 850 Thai baht. Price depends on room size and floor. From the 6th floor your have a nice view over Khon Kaen city. I think this hotel has potential to become a nice hotel in Khon Kaen. Currently I would not really recommend to stay here, but give it a few months and they will have managed all the growing problems of a new hotel. By that time I will update this review. They do have a web-site, but it is not completely finished yet.

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