Leaving Thailand

There are many reasons for arriving long term in Thailand like good weather, friendly people, beautiful country but of course also nightlife. In the now 20 years that I am living in Thailand I have also seen quit a few leaving Thailand. For different reasons. Most of not all of the people who left had been living in Thailand for about 15 to 30 years, did speak & write Thai, were / are married to a Thai and some of them had children born here. All male and in the age range of 35 - 60.

P.s. Some of my friends might recognise themselves in what I am about to write now and think "well that is not completely true" but just see it as a metaphor.

Well of course death is a common way of checking-out of Thailand
  • A friend died after making a quick u-turn on his motorbike. He was an experienced rider and not the kind of guy to take risks. But accidents can happen every day.
  • Another good friend died, he had an early retirement and enjoyed it but did not take care his health very well.
  • Another good friend died at old age but due to drinking & smoking too much. But it was his choice, better to enjoy life as to fade away.
  • Recently a fellow motorbike rider died, too young and leaving a heartbroken wife & children behind.
Health and affordable good healthcare is another reason to check-out of Thailand
  • Two friends left because of health reasons and for the affordable healthcare in their home country. After living a comfortable life in their home country for many years they peacefully passed away.
  • Another friend left back to his home country for affordable healthcare and he is still happily living and enjoying life.
Losing your job is another reason to check-out of Thailand
  • In the last year 2 other friends did return to their home country because they lost their job and could not fulfil the requirements to be able to stay here legally. Both left behind in Thailand their long-time partner. 
Good & affordable education for children is another reason to check-out of Thailand
  • Two friends left because finding a good paid job is not easy in Thailand and that combined with expensive education for their children here in Thailand they did choose to go home.
Better business opportunities is another reason to check-out of Thailand
  • One friend did work in the USA for 8 years but came back to enjoy Rest & Recreation in Thailand again.
But there are also other reasons to check-out of Thailand
  • One friend left because he was tired of being not able to live like a fully accepted citizen in Thailand. 
  • Another friend left because he was tired of all the requirements for his visa in Thailand and other legal requirements.

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