Leaving Thailand

There are many reasons for arriving long term in Thailand like good weather, friendly people, beautiful country but of course also nightlife. In the now 15 years that I am living in Thailand I have also seen quit a few leaving Thailand. For different reasons.

P.s. Some of my friends might recognize themselves in what I am about to write now and think "well that is not completly true" but just see it as a metaphor. Most of not all of the people who left had been living in Thailand for about 15 to 20 years, did speak & write Thai, were / are married to a Thai and some of them had children born here. All male and in the age range of 35 - 60.
  • One friend left because he was tired of being not able to live like a fully accepted citizen in Thailand. Well and of course for the better and affordable education for his child in his home country.
  • Another one died after making a quick u-turn on his motorbike. He was an experienced rider and not the kind of guy to take risks. But accidents can happen every day.
  • Then one friend left because of health reasons and for the affordable health care in his home country. After living a comfortable life in his home country for many years he peacefully passed away.
  • Two other friends left because finding a good paid job is not easy in Thailand and that combined with expensive education for their children here in Thailand they did choose to go home.
  • Another good friend died, he had a early retirement and enjoyed it but did not take care his health very well.
  • One friend did work in China for 6 years but came back to enjoy Rest & Recreation in Thailand again.
So you see there are a few reasons for leaving Thailand
  • Lost of job and/or not able to find a job
  • Health care (although health care is good it is not free or cheap)
  • Lack of funds to stay here
  • Lack of taking care of health
  • Good education (good private education is expensive, state education not to very good)
  • Tired of being a "falang"

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