Travel Tips : Life of a traveller, having breakfast in hotels

Breakfast at Amari Tower Pattaya
Breakfast at Amari Tower Pattaya

As I travel a lot I also stay in a lot of hotels where normally breakfast is served. And I like a breakfast, I like a good continental breakfast. But if no (good) breakfast available I just as well have a sandwich at the 7/11. And in the most "better" hotels a reasonable to good breakfast is served.

But when staying in one of the "better" hotels and you are having breakfast it would be nice if ....
  • The orange juice is not water with a slightly chemical orange taste (fresh orange juice would be the best)
  • The jam is not from Bestfood (home-made jam would be the best)
  • The bread is not from the 7/11 (home-made bread would be the best)
  • Tea is served fresh in a cup / pot that has not been used for coffee
  • Coffee is made fresh or at least from real coffee
  • The water for the tea has been really cooking / boiling
  • There would be a nice choice of tea (I like Twining Earl Grey)
  • Eggs are at least a bit boiled or properly fried
  • Milk is really cold
  • Sausages not look like & taste like plastic
  • Ham is fresh / clean 
  • Besides normal sugar there is also brown sugar on the table
Mind you this is only about western breakfast but ask my wife about some Thai or Asian breakfasts. And well if you are not willing (or cannot afford) to spend 100 - 150 Thai baht of your room price on breakfast you might better not serve breakfast at all. As of Asian breakfast it would be nice if ...
  • Fried rice that is not floating in oil
  • Khao Tom (rice soup) has some real taste (with herbs)
  • Food is freshly made (not leftover from yesterday dinner)
My best breakfast?
  • Amari Tower Pattaya
  • Double Tree Sukhumvit Bangkok
  • Well Hotel Bangkok