Costs of living in Thailand 2014

Costs of living in Thailand 2014
Sometimes people ask me how much it costs to live in Thailand. Well that all depends of course how you spend your money. Some people spend a lot of money on entertainment or holidays or do buy expensive cars & motorbikes. But lets start with the simple things. At the beginning of a new year (2015) it is time to look back to 2014 in means of the cost of living in Thailand. Thailand is not that cheap country anymore that it once was! For all postings about Costs of Living in Thailand click HERE.

My own direct costs of living
We live with only 2 persons in a free standing house with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms & bath-rooms, we have 2 air-cons but only use the one in our bedroom when we are sleeping. In the living-room we use a ceiling fan. Rental fee is still 10.700 Thai baht per month for a brand new house, but without furniture or real kitchen. We pay a "Village Fee"of 650 Thai baht per month and that includes cable-TV (68 channels), security for the village and garbage collection once a week. Rental fees are generally not raised in Thailand.

Utility costs
Per month we pay (in Thai baht)
For water                     160 (that is 20 Thai baht more as last year but still less as the years before)
For electricity           1.195 (that is about 200 Thai baht as last year)
Internet                        640 (that is 9 Thai baht more as with 3BB)
Gas                              577 (that is 1-half bottle a 385 Thai baht ... that 60 Thai baht per bottle as last year)
True TV                      784 (we did not had that last year)
Total = 3.365 Thai baht per month. Costs have risen a little bit in compare to last year.

The maid
We have a maid once a week. She works about 6 hours per day and we pay her 400 Thai baht per day. If she is sick or there is a holiday she does not get paid. This is the same as last year.
Total = 1.600 Thai baht per month.

Car & Motorbikes
We have 1 small motorbike, 1 big motorbike and 1 car.
2 * tax for motorbikes a 100 Thai baht                         =     200 Thai baht.
1 * tax for car                                                                =   6.800 Thai bah
Compulsory insurance small motorbike                       =      345 Thai baht
2 Compulsory insurance big motorbike & car a 645    =   1.290 Thai baht
Full insurance big motorbike                                        =   9.025 Thai baht
Full insurance car                                                          = 18.000 Thai baht
Total = 35.660 per year : 12 = 2.971 Thai baht per month
This is a little bit more as last year, but I have a much cheaper insurance for my motorbike and due to a car accident I pay more for my car insurance. But I did drive & ride much less in the past 8 months.

My car can drive about 10 km on 1 liter of Diesel. My motorbike can ride about 30 km on 1 liter of Gasohol91. With my car I drive per month about 1000 km, and with my motorbike about 500 km.
Current prices of Diesel = 26.89 (was about 30 normally). And for Gasohol 91 =28.28 (was about 38 normally). So with the current prices driving my car would costs about 2600 Thai baht per month.
And my motorbike about 500 Thai baht per month. My wife's motorbike costs about 200 Thai baht per month. That would make about 3.300 Thai baht total per month. But the most part of the year the prices have been much higher for gasoline so I would add 20%.
Total =  4.000 Thai baht per month.
Still cheaper as last year but that is because I did ride & drive much less this year.

Medical insurance
Personally I have a world expat health insurance in my home country. Not cheap but protected by law and they pay almost everything. Of course this becomes more every year. I will leave this out of the costs.

My wife has a health insurance with Bupa Thailand, the Silver premium without out-patient cover. This costs about 18.000 Thai baht per year. Actually quit good insurance. Due to rising age the costs of insurance have also risen a little bit in compare to last year.

Food & drinks
We almost always have breakfast & lunch at home. About 2 times a week we have dinner outside of our house. We spend about 12.000 Thai baht per month on food, drinks and other household things. Prices of food have risen a little bit in compare to last year.

Telephone costs
I have a post-paid service from Dtac and my wife from AIS. We both pay between 450 and 550 Thai baht per month, included internet-service on our phones. Prices are about the same as last year.
Total = 1.000 Thai baht per month.

Being able to stay here
Yes, also that costs money. You can come here on a "tourist exemption" for 30 days if you come in by air or for 15 days if you come in overland. That means every 15 days or 30 days you will have to make a visa-run. If you do that overland to Laos or Cambodia that means you will have to pay about 1.000 Thai baht every time for a visa for Laos or Cambodia. You can get yourself a Non-Immigrant "o" visa that will cost you about 5.000 Thai baht per year. And then still every 90 days you will have to make a visa-run. Once here you could get a "one year extension" what will cost 1.900 Thai baht per year without a re-entry permit (what again will cost you about 3.800 Thai baht per year). But with the "one year extension" you do not need to make visa-runs anymore so that saves some money & trouble. Costs for staying have stayed the same in the past years.

Total per month (in Thai baht)
Rental fee + village fee                         = 11.350
Utility costs                                           =   3.365 
Maid                                                      =   1.600
Insurance + tax 1 Car + 2 Motorbikes   =   2.971 
Medical Insurance 1 person Bupa         =   1.500
Food & Drinks                               = 12.000
Eating out                                               =   2.000 
Telephone costs   (2 persons)                 =   1.000 
Being able to stay here (1 person)          =     850
Gasoline costs (1 car + 2 motorbikes)    =  4.000 
Total = 40.638 Thai baht per month.

Some things have become cheaper, other things more expensive. Altogether just a little bit more expensive as last year. But remember ...... we did not yet go traveling, buy cloths, take care family, bought furniture for in the house, did not yet go to bars, movie, etc.

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