Road Condition Update : Loei province & Nan province

Date : January 2015

Route 1169 between Nan and Ban Hat Khet :
  • Currently there is being road work done on 1 section of about 5 km, that means gravel and other bad surface. For cars no problem at all, just be careful. After rain it might be a bit more unpleasant, especially for riding motorbike. 

Route 2331 from Nakhon Thai to Lom Sak :
  • The section between Nakhon Thai and the entrance to "Phu Hin Rong Khla" National Park is being made wider. Currently that is no problem yet but in the near future (1 to 6 months) that could become a bit of a unpleasant riding or driving experience. Total distance is about 15 km.
  • On multiply sections at route 2331 in "Phu Hin Rong Khla" National Park they are resurfacing the full road. That means sometimes gravel, sometimes slippery road surface and sometimes no lines on the road. For cars not a real problem although you will have to be more careful. While riding a motorbike you will have to be more as a bit more careful.

Route 1026 from Wiang Sia to Na Noi and Route 1339 to Ban Nam Pat :
  • All in good condition
  • Crossing the Nan River (or Sirikit lake) with the ferry to continue route 1339 is just a matter of a bit waiting. The ferry can hold 2 or 3 cars and some motorbikes. 

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