Visiting Ton Sak Yai National Park at Nam Pat

Traveling in North Thailand

The Giant Teak Tree is world's largest teak tree living today. At 1.30 meter above ground, the tree has perimeter of 9.85 meter (measured on 13 October 1982) and a height of 47 meter. It has estimated longevity at least 1,500 years old. Surrounding the Giant Teak tree, there are medium sized teaks, teak seedlings in the teak-dominated mixed deciduous." (Information from DNP). The numbers do not really add up when you see the tree in reality. But never mind it is a very nice park (free entrance). In 1977 the height of the tree has been reduced to 37 meter due  to a storm. Photo above is The tree in 1985 (left), in 2005 (middle) and in 2015 (right).

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