Dinner at Smile Restaurant in Khon Kaen

Smile Restaurant in Khon Kaen, North-East Thailand
Feb. 2015 Last week we had dinner at "Smile Restaurant" along Bung Nong Khot Lake in Khon Kaen city. This is the new location of the restaurant since about 1 year ago the old location (along Bung Kaen Nakorn Lake) did close. The old Smile used to be more a pub where you could also eat. The new Smile is a real restaurant with proper staff that is service minded and friendly.

We had a table right in front with view over the lake and that is really great. But the restaurant is actually big and has 3 other spaces outside and 2 parts for indoor eating (but due to modern design the indoor area's are quit noisy). And even some karaoke VIP rooms.

We had some Thai food and I had a Tenderloin (Thai-French) served with french-fried (what i think is a bit cheap) and cooked vegetables (what was a bit simply). My dish was not cheap at 450 Thai baht. But the beef was good and served perfect. Only that would be a reason to come back sometimes. All together we had a pleasant evening and a dinner for 5 persons for just under the 2.000 Thai baht (but without booze as we had our own bottle of strong stuff). Ooo ... and I had a small but very good Creme Brulee as dessert (only 65 Thai baht). We came back a few times already and if you come early in the evening they play nice jazz and blues music, even the live band does! And not loud so you can still talk. I like it! Facebook : FB page Smile KK