Making your online hotel booking

WARNING! This is going to be a shameless promotion of this travel-blog as affiliated member of Agoda and

A while back I did write about how to make an online hotel booking, about what to look for when you are making a hotel booking. But if you are going to make an online hotel booking with Agoda or anyway you might as well do that via the front-page of my travel-blog.

Why? Because in that way you support my endless effort to inform you about the beautiful places of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And it does not matter how you book your hotel online via Agoda or, you always pay the same price anyway. See also Hotel Promotions?

On the almost top-right side of the front-page you will see 2 banners, one from Agoda and one from Both will transfer you to their page (safe & sound) but by doing so you will support this travel-blog.  A BIG thank you!

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