Travel Tips : It is HOT ..... drink water and eat chips!

It is HOT in Thailand
The hot season in Thailand can be hot as in HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST! In the early morning at about 6am when I wake-up it is warm like the all night already. But at 9am it starts to be hot and in the afternoon the temperature reaches between 39 en 42 degrees Celsius. And with a super high humidity! Not very pleasant. I am sweating a lot and drinking a lot. I drink about twice as much as I normally drink. And I eat once & while something salty, like chips or drink a Coke.

So if you are traveling in the heat right now DRINK, DRINK and DRINK. And not beer but best is just water. And not too cold as that actually works dehydrating. And eat something salty to compensate for all minerals (salt) you are losing due to sweating.

Tips for traveling in hot weather
  1. Try not to walk in the sun (use an umbrella)
  2. Wake-up early when it not to hot yet (take a rest in the afternoon)
  3. DRINK, DRINK and DRINK .... water.
  4. Eat something salty like chips or french fried
  5. Drink sometimes something like Coke
  6. Do what your body is capable of doing (listen to your body)

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