Over thinking what happend 1 year ago

2 May 2015 In 2 days it is exactly 1 year ago that I made an almost life changing motorbike accident. I have been in hospital and recovering, you can read about that at Fixing My Broken Shoulder and Aftermath. But I am more or less living a normal live again. Although the recovery is not 100% yet. My range of motion is about 90% and my power of motion is at some movements 100% but at other movements 60%.

And sometimes I am still over thinking the accident, what really happened? I remember the scooter coming from the left, I remember me try to avoid that. I remember the sound of impact. But then a few second of my life are gone. Then again I remember going thru the air, my arms stretched out before hitting the tarmac. But then again a few second of my life are gone. The next thing I remember is that I am rolling over the tarmac and I am looking if there are cars coming in my direction. And I climb to the side of the road.

But what did happen in those 2 times few seconds? How / why did I get airborne from my motorbike? As my motorbike did not get airborne, it did just ride on for a 100 meters without me.

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