The Little Elephant on Social Media

To promote my travel-blog you can find me on many places.

For the Dutch readers, you can find me on 27 Vakantiedagen. This is a web-site in the Dutch language about the travel experience of people. Everybody can join, you too!

Some of my hotel reviews you can find on This is a hotel-bookings-web-site where people who book their hotel via can write reviews. So people did really stay in the reviewed hotels! So next time you book a hotel via, also write a review!

And of course this website also has a Facebook Page with his latest postings. And as this travel-blog is made with Blogger that is from Google you can find me also at Google+ And you can find me also at Kyzook. This is a community of travel passionistas that like to share their travel experiences with the all world.

In a far past I once joined Picasa Web-Albums to share photos of traveling in Thailand and that has now become Google+ Photos. Very easy as all photos that I put on my travel-blog will automatically show up here also.

On TripAdvisor you can find more as 400 forum replies made by me And also more as 270 Hotel or Restaurant Reviews. All photos with that reviews can be found HERE Be aware that reviews made at TripAdvisor can be made by anybody, also by people who actually never stayed at the hotel.

To make things more accessible for some  people I made an new blogReviews of Hotels & Resorts in Thailand And of course you can also find this blog on Facebook page of Hotel & Restaurant Reviews Thailand And another new blog Big MotorBike Shops in Thailand. And again of course you can find this blog on Facebook page of Big (motor)Bike Shops Index of Thailand

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