Blas from the past part 6 : Tour of duty in China

Laughing Buddha in China
My favorite friend in Beijing (China)
People ask me sometimes "How did you get in Thailand?" and I answer "By airplane". But in reality it was a bit more complex, so I did write some postings about that. Follow this story at Blast from the past. In 1999 I made a 3 weeks tour in China, starting in Beijing and ending in Hong Kong. We did everything, visit the forbidden city in Beijing, walked over the Chinese wall, did see the Terracotta Army, visited Tibetan monks in Xiahe, made a stunning overnight boat trip and did sit on the beach in Hong Kong.

Selling food on the market
Xiahe (China)
Walking in the park

Beach in Hong Kong
On the beach in Hong Kong

Karsten landscape

Nomads in the highlands

Japanese girls on the Great Wall
Japanese girls on the Great Wall

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